About Us

We are a family-owned pottery and ceramic production in fourth generation.

By our knowledge and tradition, we developed our ceramic production to the highest standard and best quality you can get.

Over the decades we created a couple of ceramic tableware and pottery for different purposes, from garden decoration to bathroom and kitchen tiles and that’s not all.

For our corporate clients we designed customized ceramics which did even become iconic in the household / tableware / gastronomy industry.

We can also create your tailormade design or finish our ceramics with your company brand.
as well as one of the finest productions for handcrafted glass manufacturers in Germany.

We produce single items as well as large numbers for wholesale / resellers and private purposes.

YES, we ship worldwide!

Here are the most essential things:
– We produce ceramics, pottery and porcelain all 100% handmade in Germany.
– Family owned business since 1989
– Substainable production
– Single and serial production
– Customized production
– Whole Sale


German Beer Stein
Mugs / Jars / Cups / Pots / Decoration / Kitchen ware / Table ware / Tiles
and much more

You can choose from a wide selection of ceramics and pottery.
All our ceramics we can customize and produce in many different colors.

Our Partner in Germany

About the history in German Art Pottery

German Art Pottery is essentially a term describing the time period of 1949–1990 and became the early way to describe the pottery because the country of origin, with numbers denoting the shape and size, was often the only “mark” on the base. Even though company names are now better known, and many items are attributed to specific makers, the more generic term “West German pottery” remains in common use. “Fat Lava” is a popular term that strictly refers to a fairly small subcategory of glazes but is all too often improperly used as a synonym for West German pottery. West Germany began in 1949: World War II ended in 1945, the next 4 years were the “zone” era with the country into the “US Zone”, “Russian/Soviet Zone”, “British Zone”, and “French Zone”, and it was 1949 when the East/West division replaced the zones.

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